Independent Sales Representation

Branching out internationally into a distant territory requires more than bringing in a sales enthusiast who understands your product. Language and culture quickly can act as barriers to your international sales, causing unnecessary costs and annoyance from misunderstandings, poor translations and product descriptions as well as unqualified after sales service.


It is crucial to your business to hire a sales representative who not only speaks your language (and your products´ language) but is also fluent in one or several languages of the target region. Communication with prospective international customers in their own language and an understanding of their culture often builds the bridge you need to find your product in the target market´s shelves.


In short, increase your sales, expand your customer base internationally and enhance your company´s reputation by hiring a sales enthusiast and communication specialist!


Your benefits of bringing in Language Support as your local partner and independent sales representative for the European or International market:


  • We speak the mother language of prospective distributors and customers
  • We understand and respect the different cultures and adapt to their customs, traditions and conventions
  • We know the industry and understand the customers´ needs
  • We are your one-stop shop for sales representation, translation/communication (brochures, catalogs, labels, manuals, websites, etc.) and even more complementary services
  • We have more than ten years´ experience in multilingual product presentation at trade shows
  • We have excellent interpersonal skills and a degree in international business, intercultural communication or similar
  • We guarantee perfect attention to detail and keeping schedules
  • We always maintain closest communication with you, reporting regularly on market response and local distributors´, retailers´, and consumers´ feedback
  • If desired, we assist in product development and conjointly develop ideas for product innovations
  • We only develop leads that match your brand image and mission statement


We partner with you instead of “just selling”  -

for sustainable growth instead of short-term figures.


For independent sales representation, Language Support is specializing in the pet and equine supplies industry, the (eco-)tourism industry and “green” products in general.


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